Newb with a couple of issues

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Hi all,

New member from North Wales. Any other members in the area? I have a red mk1 GTO TT, had it a few years now but getting around to sort a couple of issues.

First is the front Aero occasionally sticks down. I’m guessing its a switch in the motor assembly? but wondering if anyone has a guide to a possible fix.

The second issues is the drivers door lock sometimes makes a funny noise and fails to lock/unlock. Like its the motor/module? Is this a common issues, again any help on a fix before I strip it down?

Thanks for any info in advance.


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Hi Gary,

Welcome to GTOUK.

Both of these are common issues, unfortunately the answers are located in our technical and how to sections. These sections are available only in the Full Member Area, so sending you a link will not work.


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Hi Gary
Welcome to GTOUK
Great picture of the car. It looks very clean and tidy.
As Stevie said all the how to guides and technical sections are available to full members.
Membership is available in the club shop.
Have a look around the forum, we are a very active and friendly group.
We regularly attend car meets across the UK.


Hello and welcome to GTOUK

Nice looking motor you have there .


Craig :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to GTOUK Garry car is looking Good , more pictures please :+1:

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Welcome on-board, nice looking motor there.
Joining up to a full membership will open up all the how to’s etc
20 pounds is a small price for all the info and help you’ll ever need.
Jerry :grinning:

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welcome to the club :slight_smile:
nice looking car :slight_smile:
the how to on how to fix the locks is worth the £20 for membership as will cost you more than that for a new lock , just follow the info and its a easy fix and loads more info just about anything you could want to know :slight_smile:

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Welcome along - nice motor- and your in the right place for help and enjoying these cars. Become a full member and not only does it open up loads of valuable information you will also see and be able to participate in all the meets we have throughout the year.


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Welcome to the club, come on in only 20 squid!!
Great value.

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Thanks for the welcome messages!
Just paid up :slight_smile:

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Beauty :+1: welcome to full membership.


(Jerry Castle) #14

Classy photos car looks great.

(Scott T-H) #15

Looks very smart, Mk4 sail panels suit a Mk1 well.

(Alec Shewan) #16
as you a full member now you can see this post about the locks if not this one then there a few more on the site :slight_smile:

(Gary Jennings) #17

Thanks. Although that doesn’t seem like the same symptoms as mine but could certainly be the same cause. I will take a look.


(Jerry Castle) #18

Not a hard job to replace the solenoid if you have one, my c/l simply does nothing so will report back when sorted.

(Gary Jennings) #19

Managed to sort my door lock following the how to posted above. Mine was due to the rubber stops failing in the actuator unit. So replaced them with some little pieces of rubber that I glued in place… looks like it had been done before but not very well.

Think I’ve solved the front aero too. I believe my issue was too much slop in the motor/worm gear which can be adjusted by a grub screw on the motor unit and then I had to make sure it was set in the correct area on the switch contacts and splines when putting it back together. I might open it up again to explain that better as I’ve not seen it mentioned before.


(Terry Wilkes) #20

There is a link somewhere as when I got mine that was an issue I had, in the end a new motor off @CDMH sorted it.

Terry :sunglasses: