Newbee 2018


Yep that’s the one !


I like green as well @stevie much better than soap. Oh right, see what you mean there.

Hi Alex, welcome to the club, don’t let your head rule your heart when looking, imagination can be a hindrance :joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


other things to consider,being stood may have had a detremantal effect on the ecu/brake discs/pads/fuel in tank/tyres/ all these things cost money to put right,plus vector in the price of a 60k service with materials and labour,could be a money pit right from the off.
so as previously said,dont let your heart rule ya head.


Just noticed this car on FB sales page up in Cumbria. I would want to know exactly what needs welding- advert states welding required and also the fuel tank is off the car. That suggests you won’t be able to hear the car running before buying it. One of those that could be a gem with a bit of work or an absolute what have I done - so definitely think seriously about this one.



Yep can vouch for TVR Thorpe Willoughby
They’ve just done a cracking job on my old girl sorting out my new turbos from evil empire and other age related niggles to get her to sale through MOT :+1::blush::+1:


The writing on the camcover smacks of a breaker/scrapyard engine to me, tread carefully around that one, have a real good look around it


Well o guess i will turn away from this offer. I have learned a lot through the forum pages. But most important a Great community . If the right deal appears i will be happy to join you again.
Thanks everyone for yoir advices.


@alexcharlmps Keep Your eyes in the forum and facebook sales page Alex, good cars come up for sale from time to time Your membership has long to go keep in touch ! Cheers


As Spiros said, keep your eyes on the forum and online.
The right one, at the right price for you will come up bud.


I’m still looking for a MK1 3K a year on.
So it’s a waiting game.:wink:


Its ok at the moment i will find the one as long as the funds are still available :wink:


Hi Alex,

There is a blue mk2 GTO for sale that is near me - it’s appeared on one of the Facebook for sales pages may be worth a look.