Newbee 2018

(Harry Alex) #1

Hi my name is Haralampos (Hary) i am originaly from Cyprus currently living in UK, i have been offered a swap with my Mr2 turbo . So i decided to join the forum to meet the community .
A red mk2 6 speed gto import.
Since gto’s was my dads favourite car i really consider it but i also love the looKs and i do like GT cars.
I know it takes alot more care than my 2 as the engine is bullet proof. And the car is way less complocated.
The car i was offered was sitting for a year and there is no history of cambelt change or the 60k apart a milage number written on the belt cover…but no proof milage is 145000is miles.
The car reg is JJi1987 .
I have arranged a meeting this saturday for viewing…

Any tips are thank fully accepted.
Looking forward meeting you all.

(CDMH) #2

Hi and welcome to GTOUK , good luck with your viewing :sunglasses:

(Harry Alex) #3

photo received_1995197427166182_zps8rq27dkl.jpeg
photo received_1995196327166292_zpshrz4ybee.jpeg

photo received_1995197427166182_zps8rq27dkl.jpeg

photo received_1995196877166237_zpsewyvjm8r.jpeg

(Harry Alex) #4

photo received_1995198493832742_zpsib2kusf4.jpeg

photo received_1995198240499434_zpsrlvz0kpj.jpeg

(Harry Alex) #5

I just added the pictures he send me. Hopefully if all go right i will be an active member😁

(CDMH) #6

Few things to note straight off , the cambelt will need doing if unsure/ no proof so factor that price in also that is the wrong battery on the car , terminals should be towards the engine , they have caused fires in the past shorting on the bonnet shield

(Harry Alex) #7

I feel a bit scared driving it back . Should i change the terminals as soon as i get there or before driving?
I am in manchester area any specialist or mechanic that can provide the service? I was thinking the 60k service for the car.

(Steve Parkin) #8

Welcome to GTOUK enjoy your full membership.

Good luck with the car buddy


(Harry Alex) #9

Thanks for the support.
Btw the only rust is on the draining points he said…

(CDMH) #10

Be fine driving back , just get the correct battery when you can , tbh some of the batteries are lower so the terminals being on the wrong side are not an issue then

(Harry Alex) #11

The main worry of mine is the garage to do the belt kit…anyone you would recomend? Send me a pm if possible so we wont break any forum rules🤔

(James Jones) #12

I guess for a cam belt service you have a couple of options:

  1. use a local garage that are familiar with V6 blocks and provide the kit (available from EE and others).
  2. take the car to Eurospec in Guildford or Westfield- Essex or Mitzi art in Portsmouth can be expensive especially if you live in Manchester.
  3. Get a cambelt kit and the workshop manual (available in club shop) and have a go yourself.


(Spiros Kapadohas) #13

Γειάσου Χαράλαμπε welcome to GTOUK car looks fine , whereabouts are You ? If You haven’t seen yet here is the Buyers Guide also check for rust, sills and towards the back if You can ! Cheers

(Harry Alex) #14

Να σε καλα φιλε μου, καλως σε βρικα. Thanks for the welcome. I am around Manchester area Wigan.

(Spiros Kapadohas) #15

I’m in Glasgow not too far away !

(Harry Alex) #16

Nice let me see how the deal will go on saturday as i will probably need to bring my mr2 back home remove some parts …
And there will be a future meet after the cambelt change…

(Spiros Kapadohas) #17

Your nearest recommended garage is Southlands Leeds Road - Thorpe Willoughby - Selby !

(Harry Alex) #18

Is the one with the TVRs?

(Harry Alex) #19

so after an hpi test i got the following. Is a uk vr4, the licence plate was changed on 2009 it was N220APY , and it had 10 previous owners…the rest are all green.

(Steve Parkin) #20

I like Green