Newbie from bristol

hi guys i had a twin turbo years ago and regreted selling it!
so yesterday i brought another gto because it came up cheap and it brought back happy memories.
this time a NA with dodgy body work and a very badly running engine!
but never the less i have another gto project so i can smile :slight_smile:
can anyone reconmend a specialist in bristol/bath area that could take a look at the car and tell me whats causing the terrible running of it.
anyway hello guys
my name is matt from bristol.


Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Pictures pictures and pictures are required :wink:

Good to have you aboard


Craig :grinning:

Hi Matt
Welcome to the club.
As Craig said we need pics!
Not sure of garages/specialist in your area, but hopefully another member near you can advise on that.

Hi matt,

Welcome to the club. Get some pictures of your motor up.

I’m over in Wiltshire near salisbury. I don’t know any garages over that way sorry.


any near you attall mate? i dont mind trying to drive it to there i have a feeling the timing is out!
as in the boot theres boxes and an old water pump and bearing so i think the cambelt has recently been done and i fear not timed up right

Hi and welcome,
Maybe if you explain what’s wrong with the car and some pictures etc we might beable to help you out
Ie does the engine run?
Does it drive?
Jerry :grinning:

hi sorry yes it runs and drives in a fashion it will not rev over 3k at all very rough idle and like a kangaroo when it is reving! the engine itself sounds kind of healthy and it only has 113000 km’s on it. ill add some pics when i get home tonight!
any help guys would be very much appreciated


Welcome to the club mate

First I would check if it is producing spark on all cylinders if it is then I would check the condition of the spark plugs,
Maybe unplug the ecu plus remove it’s behind the stereo open it up only four screws and a visual check to see if there is any leaky capacitors.if the car been standing for sometime might be worth get some fresh petrol in there none of the above I would then check the timing making sure is lining up with the marks and while your there check the condition of it plus water pump.
Jerry :grinning:

Hi Matt, welcome along, pictures are a must, even if you think the pictures are not “up to standard”. We all started somewhere so get those pics up :grin:

Try the PTU which is under the coilpacks, try them too.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Hi Matt and welcome along !

Welcome Matt

Has anyone told you we need pictures yet??

As far as your running problems go if you are at all mechanically minded then it would be worth trying to get some more info and someone here might be able to help diagnose. Checking for spark would be my first port of call. The rear 3 arent too easy to get to but take each of the front 3 out one by one, ground the body of it on the engine and turn the engine over to see if it sparks. If all 3 spark then it rules out coil packs and PTU.

Hi Matt. I’m in Weston / Bristol.
Welcome to the club.

Welcome to GTOUK :sob: