Newbie from mid devon

Evening all.

I joined last night and just purchased the full membership as ive recently purchased a 93 3000 gt been off the road since 2009…
Its a time piece and pretty much original but i have a huge road ahead of me before she sees tarmac on her boots…
Not sure if any one recognises this beast ! L74 ftt 78k on clock…
Sadly no owners manual if any one has an owners manual in pdf id be very grateful
Rob 20210417_180212|690x388


Hi Welcome to the club. From the photo the car looks pretty good.

Welcome to the club Rob. Good luck with the car looks nice from the outside :+1:


Hi and welcome to GTOUK , motor looks in good condition :sunglasses:



You can buy a manual on USB from the shop page.

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Welcome :+1:

Welcome along, car looks good.

Terry :sunglasses:

Welcome to GTOUK !

Welcome aboard, your car beats mine, bugger, only been off the road for 8 years! Good luck!

Not sure if these guys are still going

Where is the best place to start a on going project thread but get help at the same time ? Ive got all sorts of issues and concers but at the same time i wanted to share the project as i go along if that makes sense.
Sadly 12 years of being off the road has not done her good…

Yes we have a place for these - got to the technical section and there is a place called projects & restoration and then select new topic and away you go!


Awsome thanks guys ill head over and start a new one… Is there any way of adding more than one photo at a time ? i tried to upload 2 on this topic but it removed the first one

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Good luck with the project buddy and welcome,nice motor.

Hi bud,

I find that when I open my photo file and want to put pictures up I just drag and drop, when the 1st photo is uploaded hit the return button and drag and drop another one. Works for me, I know there’s another way but that’s how I do it.

Terry :sunglasses: