Newbie from Solihull

Hi all, I thought I would give you all a quick intro before I desperately start seeking all your help… :wink: after longing after these since I was a boy (now 30) I wanted a weekend toy as my daily driver is a Nissan navara and I’m a petrol head really… So I started looking at these beauty’s and bought one that was within my budget (2k). It’s a mk1 jap import TT… And I have to say what a beast… I’m fairly confident with a bag of spanners and have dropped the box out twice already… I have only owned her 6 months… So… I decided to join this forum for all of your tech support and meets and event days etc… Thanks Jus

Hey jus welcome to the club
I’m 30 n my daily drives a L200 or the misses D22 :slight_smile: definitely a difference in drive between the trucks n the GT

Hi, thanks for the welcome… Yeah love my d40 but it’s always going to be a truck regardless of remaps and mods lol. I take the gto out whenever I get the chance which usually means it’s an hour round trip to get the milk… :-P. Will be good to come along to your meets

Welcome to the club, some pictures will be good !

Welcome to the club

Hi fella good to see someone local , where about’s in Solihull ? see a couple out that way

Craig :slight_smile:

Thanks to you all for the warm welcome… @spiros I will get some pics up later, I’ve been meaning to clean her for days anyway…
@CDMH just off the parkway at the back of land rover, can’t say I’ve seen any gtos round here but good to see your not too far… Come to think of I think I’ve seen 1 on the road in the 6 months I’ve owned her… There a bit like hens teeth

Hi Justin,welcome to the club,I’m in Bromsgrove so not too far away from you either.

Hi Bud, not too far away from you either, am in Evesham, a mate is in a small village nearby, a blue Mk2 is near Welford and a silver Mk2 is in the Littletons, right near me, so there are a few of us out here, just need to organise a Midlands meet :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi Terry that sounds a good plan! I just need to put these new rear power steeringpipes on mine and it will be back on the road.

A meet is always good with like minded folk but need to tart her up a little first… I did get her fairly cheap and need to iron out a couple of niggles… Here she is in all her glory…

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The best colour too!!!

Have an Aunt that lives in Bromsgrove, right next to the hospital on the Stourbridge Road. As my parents can’t drive at the moment I have to take them over to see her sister. That day is coming soon as she has the flu and I’m not going over 'till its cleared up.

Terry :sunglasses: