Newbie GTO Owner....a little help please


Welcome aboard, great looking car, was it one from Ibrahim/(Top Cars l think).
Hope the tapping is hydraulic lifters, fairly common and not a big worry if its that, as Craig says.
Oe dash vents nearly always crack and new not available any more, l got some 3sx ones then coated, speakers easy replace at not too much cost, aerial you can replace the mast, done it several times (60 quid ish but keeps the car right)
Just hope the o p is ok. Good luck.


If you’re after the rear speakers I have a pair of 6 x 9 Pioneer’s that are brand new, no box unfortunately.

Terry :sunglasses:


Yeah, it was Ibrahim. Thanks for the tips


Cheers for the offer Terry, I’m going to get it mechanically sound first and then start picking off little bits :+1: