Newbie GTO Owner....a little help please

(Alan Brown) #1

Hi everyone, bought a GTO a few weeks ago and been unable to drive since (garage staffing issues if I’m honest). Starts fine but when it warms I lose oil pressure and have a tapping noise from the top of the engine. There are a few other issues but they are nominal. I’m in sunny Fife in Scotland, I would appreciate any advice/recommendations, thanks, Alan.

(CDMH) #2

Where does your oil gauge sit when warm , the ones in the car are notoriously crap and read low , tapping noise is most likely tappets so you may be worrying about nothing there

Welcome to GTOUK though :sunglasses:

(Martyne Stewart) #3

what year is the motor? If its an early one with a mk1 lump swap out the lifters for the bigger ones, Think they are 3mm holes if i remember rightly

oil pressure will drop as the oil thins when it warms up shouldnt drop to much though, 1st things first though cambelt & pump regardless of if they say “Its been done” unless there is a receipt to prove

what other problems you having/got?

(Terry Wilkes) #4

Welcome to the club, the info above is spot on (even though I did 5k in mine before I changed it), we need pics and an introduction, also if you join, you can get access to the vast technical section.
There are quite a few members oop above north :wink: so maybe they’ll help, @spiros is sure to know someone near.

Terry :sunglasses:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #5

Hello Alan and welcome to GTOUK few of us up here , the Guys above are right ! I’ve sent You a private message. Cheers

(Alan Brown) #6

(Alan Brown) #7

Hi everyone, I’m Alan, first time GTO owner.

I bought it from a guy in London, another couple of members have bought from him, a silver and red.

The main issues are oil pressure dropping and tapping noise (a friend mentioned tappets as potential for noise).

The car came with fresh MOT but on delivery but no window wipersoperate or washers, the blades are sitting half on the windows and half on the car. Seller cited blades being changed after MOT doing wrong?

Air vents on top of dash look cut to fit
Stereo issue as well - no radio, driver side crackle to speakers (air vents on dash vibrate like hell)
Radio Ariel stuck - bottom part doesn’t retract and only top part goes up and down

Not had time to test aero, assured both work but have my doubts based on position of rear.

Buying a 27 year old car, I expected a few bits and bobs, and tif to the seller he is going to work with me on fixing it.

Relay appreciate the advice, thank you.

(Alan Brown) #8

Hi, oil gauge not working, the oil light flickers at low rev after the car warms up and then the tapping, cheers

(Spiros Kapadohas) #9

It looks good Alan nothing major so far from what You saying !

What do You mean ? most of the GTO vents are cracked on the ends can You upload a picture ?

(Alan Brown) #10

Cheers mate, I’m unable to post anything new by way of pics. I took it to a garage who deal in performance for a once over after hearing the tapping. Left it with him and he said 2 week due to backlog before he could do anything. Monday this week (start of fourth week) he calls to say a mechanic walked out, third party companies have let him down on other engine rebuilds so another 3 weeks before he can do anything :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’ve called my usual mechanic for a reputable place to take it and await his advice. I’m sickened, I’m sure these issues will be easy fix, but spent £7250 on it and have drove it about 60 miles and owned it since 11/07. I waited months and months for it to be finished so I can wait a little longer, but absolutely killing me I can’t drive it.

The vents in mine don’t fit properly, it’s looks a cut job but that’s off memory at half 11 at night :sleeping:

(CDMH) #11

That metallic grey? You might be on to a winner there if its an original colour, some of the things I can’t say I’m surprised with after experiencing the chaps driver,

(Alan Brown) #12

Dvla are reading it as black so original colour, but has had a full respray, I’m hopeful I have a few simple problems to fix, been envious of anyone owning one of these since my days as an FTO MIVEC owner, simply stunning machines :+1:

(CDMH) #13

My phone isn’t the best so couldnt make the colour out properly, fto is a cracking motor wife had a gpx manual many years ago

(Alan Brown) #14

I had the candy red gpx tiptronic, bought it from Belmont autos in Glasgow, 18 inch low profile split rims, rogue II spoiler, veilside Predator/Terminator kit all around, It was a really nice looking car.

(Spiros Kapadohas) #15

Ok , call Camy and have a chat is in Bellshill though he knows the GTOS ex GTO owner, my self and few others take the cars there, has done few jobs for me !
ML4 1EF Bellshill, North Lanarkshire
07845 604905.

(Dean Lloyd) #16

Hi Welcome to the forum.

i really dont want to scare you but this sounds exactly what happend to my car when i first bought it, low oil pressure with ticking, that got louder and turned into knocking. a few blips of the throttle at around 3-4k revs was the loudest.
Turned out to be a spun bearing.


(Bruce Horth) #17

That’s a stunning looking motor mate, love the mk1 in black and the wheels really suit too, hope u get the issues sorted soon your in the right place :+1:

(Dave Soper) #18

Welcome to the group @crooks1977 I own a red mk1 bought from the bloke in London and I had similar little niggles not the same as you though the car drove great as I drove it from London to Selby Yorkshire, I gave it to my garage to check over and said sound just work on the problems as we all do and you’ll have a winner I’m sure .

(Alan Brown) #19

Thanks very much

(Alan Brown) #20

It will just have to sit till my guy can get round to i as tried Perth and bellshill but same waiting time, just really itching to drive it. I’ll have an update in a few weeks.

Thanks to everyone for their advice :+1:t3: