Newbie GTO pics

Thanks for all your help in allowing me to post these pics :

Oh wow you’re not far from me. Great location for pics. If you ever need a spare pair of hands give me a yell.

Wrong year for the reg, but even has proper period wheels on it too

Though they were not what it come from the factory with

Regards Rob

Looks good Gav :wink:

Nice one mate, welcome

Welcome to the club gav

Nice looki g car :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club.

Is that not one of the special edition cars? Was it 300 made in that colour, embroidered GTO in the headrests too?


Welcome :slight_smile:

Yeah it looks like the grey special edition one! Looks good that! :slight_smile:


Right colour for an SV, and seems to have the red embroidered logo on the seats - nice looking car :slight_smile:

Hi folks. Thanks. I can confirm she has the leather seats embossed with GTO. The drivers and passenger seats both have some wear. The drivers side one has the usual wear and tear in the right places but I’m going to pop into an upholsterer and see what they can do.

It was getting on my nerves how the clock, door and interior light and cruise control weren’t working but that was cured when a stereo was fitted and the culprit fuse found.

Now to change the bulbs in the tailgate…does the whole rear plastic panel inside the boot have to come off?