Newbie GTO TT Ireland

Hi everyone

I have just purchased this TT VR4 91 GTO and am based in Munster/Ireland.

Recently got replacment snake eyes and snagged a nice pair of foglights. The goal is to get it 100% mechanically and try to replace the front aero which is missing unfortunately.

The car was 2 tone when I got it and I actually love it. I have spent the last few weeks reading every post I can find and its great to still see new activity in the forums. Feel free to send on any advice or let me know if you have the aero or any other interesting bits.

Looking forward to being part of the group


Hi Michael and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

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Hi Mike and Welcome.

I’m sure you will enjoy being part of our little community and make good use of the vast amount of information and experience contained in the Club.

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

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Hi Buddy welcome aboard, great to see another Ireland member.


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Welcome to the club buddy colour suites the car. :+1:
Nice z32 in the background to

Thanks Lance, I love the 300zx as much as the GTO but bought this over it as the black one in the picture is auto.

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Yeah had one myself a few years back almost got another one, but decided to get a gto just fell in love with them. Thanks to @James3000GT the few times he drove past the whole shape of the car to sexy not to want one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Its hard to not want one when you see them. The 4wd really swings it for me too to be honest. Only thing is the 300zx seems to have a bigger following/parts etc. Ive never heard “hens teeth” more often than when I look for a part for the GTO ha…

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Hi Mike, welcome along .
I’ve already met Mike through Facebook on Mitsubishi Gto group Ireland , he’s got a great looking car and is committed to bringing her back to her former glory .


Thanks Enda, your help & advice has already been great :slight_smile:

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