Newbie here, looking for something particular H825 FRV

Good afternoon all, after having a browse on here, you guys have some very nice examples indeed. I’m currently not a fellow owner, however have had two in the past. One of which is the reason why I’m on here today. My first one I owned about ten years ago, and its this car that still plays on my mind to this day. The car im talking about is a very early 1990 H Reg TT. It was black, with 18 inch Enkie alloy wheels and sported the registration number H825 FRV. Im hoping someone on here knows the car, and its owner, and could put me in touch with them. It hasn’t been tax’d or MOT’d since 2011, so im really hoping it hasn’t been harvested for parts, or seen the wrong side of the hedge. Any info will be greatly appreciated.


Hi and welcome , have you got any pictures or can you remember who you sold it to ? Might jog some people’s memories .

Being off the road for 5 years doesn’t bode well , but there are lots of these cars in garages or undergoing projects so it may not be a total loss

Craig :slight_smile:

Hi Craig, I will post a pic tomorrow when I have found one on a old computer. I know what you mean by the 5 yrs thingy, but my fingers are crossed.

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