Newbie here 👌

Newbie here from Brigg, my name is Stephen Hutchinson and this is BIG RED my 1992 gto twin turbo…


Welcome to the Club Stephen, a nice example you have there with Big Red.

I see you’ve signed up to Full Membership already, you now have full access to all sections where you will find 20+ years of experience and help, but just ask if you have a problem although the Search facility will more then likely help with most things.

Check out the Events Section too, it’s always great to meet up with other Members and chat about our cars.

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:


Hi @stephen8,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

The car looks great and also familiar- recall this being a members car before.

That’s it @fletch_plasterer1 wasn’t this once your car?

Hope to see it at some of the shows.



Welcome - nice looking car, love the wheels!

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Brigg. That’s close to me !

Are you off to Santa pod in May ?

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Welcome, that’s a really nice looking motor, wheels are great looking.

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Yes I am buddy :grin: where abouts are you?

Yes this was Stephen fletchers car, my girlfriends dad bought it but struggled with getting in and out of it so got himself something different and Ive always wanted it and also wanted to keep it in the family :ok_hand:




Welcome to the club, ah, Fletche’s old car, still looking good and glad you’ve joined the fold. @Tracie has already said what we usually say.

Terry :sunglasses:


Welcome to the Forum, Stephen.
Great intro and superb looking car. If Fletch had anything to do with it, I can understand why.
Enjoy the car, and this great club.
I will look forward to seeing Fletch’s old car in the flesh sometime.



Thankyou for welcoming me buddy, I am absolutely over the moon with it :grin: hope to see you around and have many chats on here and hopefully in person

Regards Steve

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Still looking good and I hope she’s behaving
As you probably know I’m only up the road in Lincoln

Welcome :blush: lovely wheels, would like to change mine to black or gold ??:thinking:

I got black alloys i want to swap back to as well x As soon as the tires run down on the current stock alloys… probem is at 1000 miles a year it will take a while :joy:

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:blush: ive almost done a 1000 since i bought it!
Love it so much, people ask what it is, so happy when im out in it and people let me out at junctions ?! They dont when im in my Scooby but do it GTO :heart: x


Mine is kept over winter in nice warm dry storage at a tvr garage because unfortunatley our garage space is full, plus its handy they can fix gerti when the big things drop off that you need proper kit lol. During spring summer and autumn because we live near the motorist we go show her off there and take her for longer roads trips which is a lot of fun espexially warching my 6 foot 2 oldest lad climb in the back lol. But over winter its maintenance drives only (not good to let her stand ) really and i do miss her loads. I used to have a gt4 wrc i imported big big regret selling that, I always been a jap car fan this is the first mitsu i ever owned shes very smooth. P.S. another conincidence but i also work in construction it used to be on new builds but now on the railway.

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Aww thats great, mine is under a cosy cover during the week, struggling too with car space.
Yes the rear seats arnt really made for passengers but great for shopping, love the boot space though huge.
Really thats a coincidence :blush: