Newbie just bought Steve Butler's car

Hello to everyone… my name is Phil and I’ve just bought this:

I believe it was a well known car in the club a few years ago!

I’ve been restoring (on and off for various reasons) a UK RHD 240z for a few years now. I’ve missed not having a classic to go to shows in, so decided to buy a driveable one.

TBH I was looking for a Z32 but my budget wasn’t big enough to buy one in good enough condition for me.

I went to Boxengasse last weekend where I saw two GTO’s and got chatting to their owners. Although I’ve always admired the looks of the 3000GT’s/GTO’s, I never knew anything about them and they certainly weren’t on my radar. Their owners convinced me I should take a look at them - thanks guys! They are well known members on here, but I won’t name them :laughing:

I spent a couple of days reading and researching, then broke the Golden Rule of NOT buying the first one I saw :open_mouth:

Good news is that it has been laid up in a professional car storage facility for the past 5 years :smiley:

Bad news is that it has been laid up in a proffessional car storage facility for the past 5 years :rofl:

It looks beautiful, sounds fantastic and drives lovely. There are a couple of items that will need addressing, and no doubt more will arise as I drive it more, following it’s recommissing.

I’m hoping to get to Castle Coombe in a couple of weeks, so hope to meet up with some of you there!



Hi Phil,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

Do get some pictures up of your new ride - everyone likes pictures :joy:

Hopefully @Lara can pass her ticket to you and I will see you at castle Combe :+1:



Hi Phil

Yep email me and ill pop it over
[email protected]

Look forward to meeting up at future events

Lara :blush:

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Thank you James,

I’m not sure why its in German!, but if you click the facebook link in my post, it takes you to the advert which has a number of photos :smiley:

I havent had a chance to take any of my own yet!


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Thank you Lara,

Me too!


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Hi James,

Can confirm that Lara has sent me her ticket invoice :smiley:

She advised me to contact you, as to whether I need a pass to put in the windscreen etc.


I don’t know - the email ticket should have all the details and information you need - I haven’t looked yet!

If I remember the passes may be posted out to the purchasing address.



Welcome, that’s a great looking car!

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Just edited the post and removed the dodgy looking Fb link :rofl:

Welcome to the club @rushingphil, ah yes Steve’s car, he did dote on that so you shouldn’t have too many problems. Look forward to meeting you on one of the meets.

All the best mate.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Glad you secured the car.
Looks lovely
Nice to meet and chat at Boxengasse
See you at Castle Combe, hopefully
All the best

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Hi @rushingphil


Nice looking GTO :ok_hand: Enjoy

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Thanks Marty,

You too! Also met Mick yesterday at the Newbury Showground - he kindly helped me get with a flat key fob battery :slight_smile:

Hopefully see you this weekend at Castle Coombe.


Thank you!

It is a pretty thing :slight_smile:

Lovely car, nice buy! is it completely standard? Or some mods? I also just purchased a GTO TT. Mine is black, just posted a couple photos in a separate post.

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Thanks! Yours too :smiley:

Other than a Blueflame exhaust and alloys, It’s pretty much standard other than a few decals etc.

Ill be at Castle Coombe for the JDM event on Saturday if you are attending?


Welcome along, nice looking motor, good health to enjoy.

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Hi Phil, would have been there, but am away with the family. Will try to make the next meet!

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