Newbie looking at buying a second car


Hi all

I’m looking at getting a GTO twin turbo as my second car, I’ve read the buying guide (thanks for that) is there any real difference between the mk1 and the rest? Is the 5 spd bad compared to the 6? Also is there a power difference?

Been looking at the following and thinking of taking a look at it,

Opinions or does anyone know anything about the cars history.

Thx in advance , I’ll sign up and hopefully meet some of you once I manage to find the right car


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i actually like the 5 speed better as it has longer gearing, and said to be be better on the strip. im not sure about imports but iirc the mk2 had slightly more boost (same turbos though) and mk2 got a 4 bolt main as apposed to the 2 bolt found in the mk1.

3 things i would recommend anyone with these cars have is a full forum membership, a workshop manual, and evilempires phone number (oh and a couple of hours free time to talk lol)




Welcome along. It really is all down to opinions if you are wanting a weekend car to tinker about with and look nice at a car show it really isn’t going to matter too much if it’s a 5 or 6 speed. One thing is if you want power then a gearbox with 25 spline output is best- all 6 speed have this and some later or upgraded 5 speeds have it.
Good luck in your search all I know about that car is it’s been for sale a while so haggle away :grinning:



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Firstly I agree with @James3000GT That car has been for sale for some time.

However that being said its not the best of examples in all fairness I wouldn’t touch it myself…it has quite high mileage if I remember rightly and further more previous bad rot issues.

Not ideal and it’s history doesn’t look great. If you wanted that one I think you’d need to haggle all week to get it for a sensible price.

Anyway I’m sure you’ll find one I looked online the other night and some on there if your after a non turbo auto ready to rumble I believe @DavePerkins is selling his mrk 3 gto and much info on the forum to document what’s been done.

Hope that helps.



Hi and welcome,
If I was you I wouldn’t bother with this particular one as has a lot of corrosion issues. It is important actually the most important thing is to find one with minimum corrosion even if it’s tatty on the outside but good chassis I would have that one over a nice looking one with rust issues. Remember on the outside everything can be fixed with minimal effort compared to rotting chassis which involves a lot more money and effort to fix.
Here is a list from the last mot the car had.

There are good ones out there just not this one in my opinion.
Good luck
Jerry :grinning:


Cheers guys

I guess it will take some more time to find one, I’m in no hurry really (although I waited 20 years to own one even had the fto for a couple of years lol).

If anyone sees one that looks good please give me a shout. It needs to be a mk1, twin turbo and not red (wife doesn’t like red so my hands are tied lol)

Thanks again Tony


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Do search on that company on the internet , mixed reviews but more bad than good


Yep best to wait until a good one comes up, if you can buy privately from a member that would be better.

If you buy from an ebay importer/trader, be prepared to have some extra ££££ in the bank for repairs and work done - these cars are expensive to run and no dealer will make a profit if they spent what needs to be spent to maintain them properly.

The MK1 has a 5 speed box, with tall gear ratios, 2nd gear goes up to 75 MPH, and 3rd to 125+ MPH - it may feel a bit blunt below the NSL because of this, but not an issue if you upgrade to modern age billet turbos.

The MK1/MK2 2 bolt vs MK2 4 bolt is not really an issue until you go well over 500 HP, its the headgasket and fuelling that you worry about first with a 2 bolt engine. The mk2 engines have metal headgaskets and can tolerate a bit more abuse than the composite gaskets on earlier engines.


I agree, real pity as I love the colour of it.

Fully intend to have money left over to spend, I intend for the car to be my hobby. Only out we the sun is etc rather than a daily driver.

Plus I’m an engineer so can’t wait to get my hands on one of these


Got to say though the more I look the more I’m undecided which mk I want lol.


have you tried any at all?.. That said have you been to a show and seen our cars? Plenty to see that’s for sure so you would have been spoilt for choice🤗


The fto I had is the same interior but no I’ve never drove 1 so far, but I am certain I will enjoy the drive. In all honesty that really comes second to being able to work on 1 or own 1 lol.

I have seen plenty in the flesh (I used to live in york and 10 of the best is my back yard was there last year) . Unfortunately I’m at work while this one is on or I would have been down.


Hi all, New to the forum.

Cant believe this car has come up. I drove to go look at the car and it was apparently sold that morning pending collection. Sounds like i dodged a bullet.

Much happier with the car i purchased


Whatcha got then, don’t forget to introduce yourself and put up some pictures of the car, oh, we love pictures.

Welcome by the way, visit the shop and purchase membership, 20 sqiuiddlies isn’t too much for access to the vast knowledge base.

Terry :sunglasses:


Signed up and done an intro.

The garage it was at was terrible. Had lambos etc in the front with shed loads of cars. i mean shed loads. had lots of jap big boys there. but not a single one was cleaned, looked after or anything you expect of a garage.

Avoid at all costs from my experience on the day



Know the garage very well, got my two mk4,s from there !!!
Just got to make sure as much as poss that you take the car you are looking at on its merits.
Probably will need work on, and mine did as expected, but the prices were lowish compared to similar cars elsewhere ( mainly in Japan )with high km,s and no doubt had a hard life with some repairs to bumps and bruises and probably stood for a while so they would have picked them up cheap, but that meant l could get them so l am happy.
All those Lambo,s Ferrari,s and top price stuff that’s a different storey, up to 500k on the sticker!!!


I just found a great car on Auto Trader.

Anyone know this one been on a while now?


Don’t look too bad , brake pipes haven’t been sorted though by the looks