Newbie looking for a bit of advice Thanks

Hi all.
Have my second GTO and finally decided to take her out of storage and get it ready for the summer (nearly there) having small problem at the moment it only started happening yesterday. When I start the car it fires up perfectly but will only run for about 2 seconds and cuts out then. Reading a few of the old posts it’s pointing me towards and ecu issue. So I’m wondering does anybody know if anyone in Ireland repairs them.
Thanks in advance for any info.

Your best bet would be ECU doctor. They are based in England but you can post it over to them and they send it back. They have done plenty of GTO/3000GT ECU’s so you know you can trust them with it.

Brilliant thanks trying to upload a few pics but failing miserably il pop a few up when I get home. What kind of money does it cost to get ecu redone and does it last long. Cheers.

Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:Good advice there from max , was it running ok before being layed up ? Have you checked you have fuel and spark before you jump in too deep , these things are often simple but overlooked

Craig :grinning:

I don’t know the price to be honest as mine was done long before I got my car. @DavePerky has had one done i believe. He might be able to tell you more.

Thanks. Yeah I went for a small drive yesterday to charge up the battery came home switched it off and bout 2 hours later I went to put car back in the garage and it started but cuts out. It’s being fine up until then as I regularly start it and go for a small drive to clear the breaks ect.



Very nice!!:heart_eyes: :slight_smile:

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Thanks, it had a good bit of work done over the last 5 years, Reconditioned gear box, upgraded clutch, new plugs and leads, new discs and pads im sorry i didnt go for bigger brakes the new ones are still crap under hard braking, The starter is next on my list, its sticking now and again i also have a timing belt kit in the boot ready to go in, Active aero aint working but thats down to who ever changed the spoiler a couple of years ago, Other than that and now my ecu issue its fairly tight, I cant figure out which wire is the power wire to make the electric aerial go up when i turn on the radio,

Ecu Dr is about £230 to be done he’s very very good :+1:

Kaze ecs scoops I had those very rare, looking good buddy.


Im Back again, Just got my ecu back from ecu doctor, he rebuilt the ecu and replaced what ever needed changing but the problem is still there, Car will start and run for about 2 seconds max, it will even let you rev it up but then cuts out as if somone has just turned off the ignition. So there must be a spark and fuel there in order for it to start in the first place, it sounds perfect while it is running. Any Suggestion on where i can look next. Thanks in advance

Hi might be problem is in your fuel pumps or old fuel in tank.

Change spark plugs.
Change fuel filter
Clean throttle body with cleaners.
Check or replace throttle position sensor .

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Cheers il have to look down that road next when i get a chance, one more question should i be able to hear the fuel pump running when i turn on the ignition, i removed everything from the boot and opened the cover on the tank but cant hear a pump when i get somone to turn ignition on.

after spending the last few hours clicking through different posts i seen this piece of simple advice and it worked, i had a bad connection on my ecu that was causing my car to cut out, Issue with Starting GTO 3.0 N/a Thanks


No problem. Glad you got it sorted. Now enjoy it.

Glad you sorted the problem. For future reference the fuel pump doesn’t start until the engine is being cranked. Unlike most cars that prime the pump for a few seconds when you turn the ignition on. Our cars don’t do that!

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