Newbie looking for GTO



Newbie here looking to get his foot in the Jap car door. Looking for manual GTO. Have budget up to deleted (now £5000), can possibly stretch a little more a very good one.

Also looking for a good garage to take care of it in Surrey/West London. Eurospec in Guildford has now shut down and I don’t know of a good one close by.


Welcome to GTOUK @Spyker for a good one You will need a lot more than £2500 ! Good luck :+1:


Hi and welcome to GTOUK

Shame your a week too late , just missed out on an absolute bargain Twin Turbo


Yes I saw that one, another reason to join the forum :slight_smile:


You can have my auto for £250, but you’ll need to arrange transport as well!


Have a look at the buyers guide @Spyker, the best read you can do before buying.

Welcome bud and good luck in your search.

Terry :sunglasses:


Think CDMH might be meaning my car, Spyker. It’s back up for sale on Classifieds and referred to on Chester Newbie - Peter.


I certainly was Peter , the joys of car selling :disappointed: it’s only gone when it’s gone


Small update to this, I was out on a test drive (not a GTO) and having been not but 60 seconds in the car someone not paying attention rear ended it in stationary traffic and wrote it off. Thus my budget for a GTO has gone up to around £5000 now.


As long as you’re ok that’s a win lol