Newbie looking to buy

Hi newbie on here member of mlr for past 6 or 7 years drive evo 9 daily looking to buy gto always as a winter project always loved the cars wats out there any one know the black gto gumtree up for 2300 catch my eye

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Hi and welcome to GTOUK , have a read of the buyers guide if you havent already some good hints and tips what to look out for

Not sure if there is anything in the classifieds at the moment , if it’s a project your after take your time to find the right one , get a bad one and the costs will spiral out of control pretty quickly .




I was looking at one on gumtree only a few pics of it up thou few on eBay as well any other sites worth trying

Whatever you find, post it up here

The memebers have seen most csrs before and have a keen eye for a good or bad car

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Any one know this car

For the work that has been ‘done’ to that it seems very cheap


Take ‘work done’ as banter and it hasnt been done untill you see a reciept for it

Looks like a nice car but i always wonder why someone selling a car which has a “simple” issue like the smoke here and a “simple " solution like an oil change , hasn’t gone and sorted it prior to advertising , then no need to mention it at all. Another one that gets me is " should fly through test”, if that’s the case , why isn’t it tested, it would be worth more.


Seen that one needs a lot of work and body is rough thats whu he only put on part pictures of the car, the smole issue is definitely valve stem seals and front seats need upholstered and finaly plastered with cheap underseal.


Thats the fastest those 300zx wheels have gone

Thanks saved me a trip and some time haha