Newbie NE Scotland


After a lifetime of mainly fast fords I’ve acquired my first GTO - a 93 JDM in black. Replacement engine and clutch been fitted. Few electrical minor issues to sort out, wheels to be done, then some paint.


Looking good mate. Welcome to the group and good move joining as there is a mountain on knowledge and advise which has been a god send.:+1:


Welcome to the club mate!

Where abouts are ya, not many of us up here! Im in Inverness :slight_smile:


Welcome along.


In Montrose


Hi Ian Welcome to GTOUK , few of us up here in Scotland ( I’m in Glasgow I keep a list of owners up here, will send a PM with more details ) car looks good and the best color , we need more pictures though :+1:


Hi and welcome


welcome to the club :slight_smile: im a bit more north than you :stuck_out_tongue: peterhead way


Hi and welcome Ian, these are lovely cars and the people in ‘UK’ are a great bunch.

If you’re crazy you’ll fit right in.

Terry :sunglasses:


Welcome buddy


Hi Ian
Welcome to GTOUK
Personally one of my favourite combos the mk1 in black :ok_hand:


Hey Ian, like Jenson love the MK1 on black but don’t think I could every pArt with my blue MK2 now. Ur about an hour away from where I stay at Balmullo, I’m not great technically minded but think I’m learning slowly about these cars :woozy_face: that’s the plan anyway just need some time to work on her!!! Congrats!!! :tumbler_glass:


Welcome am in Aberdeen it’s amazing I bought my GTO thinking winter many if them going around and I have seen loads since buying mine. Great to see then all though