Newbie needs some basics

am seriously thinking of swapping the Porsche 944 for a 3000GT and would like to ask a couple of basic questions
any reason I should not buy an import
what can I expect in terms of mpg given that I am an OAP and I drive like an OAP ie my tyre burning days are long gone.
I will be reading all the buyers guides over the next few weeks for all the technical stuff.

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Hi Jeffrey,

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I have 3 import GTO’s and things you need to be looking out for are good service history and rust below the rear seats to start with, age is a big factor with them as you’ll most likely know with the 944,

Mpg wise I can get 400 miles to the tank on motorways and 300ish city driving so it’s not mega bad - that’s for a n/a car not a twin turbo though

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Hi Jeffrey,

if your worried about mpg then think, if your going for a TT then expect it to be, how shall we say, forecourt friendly. I use mine for all kinds of journeys, its ticking over as we speak, many short journeys. The gauge drops quickly. My motto is “when the needle goes low, stick some fuel in it” and it goes low quickly. Not trying to shoo you off these cars but a tt is a 3.0 ltr 24v V6 with twin turbos, its a heavy car, its best environment is cruising the motorways and it will do that all day. They are a joy to drive.

Welcome to the club and don’t let me put you off :joy::joy::joy:

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