Newbie question - interested in buying

emphasized textDear All,

Firstly hi and thanks for allowing me to join. Totally new to this forum and thank you for the buyers guide. There’s a 3000GT coming up for sale at the SilverStone Auction this friday - does anyone know the car ? R9GTO - looks great from the pics. Poor service history - regularly serviced since new then large gap from 2004 to 2012 and 2012 to 2019. MoT history looks ok.

Doing a WhatsApp remote check on the car with the auctioneer tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome along

Registration is familiar but I can’t quite place where I remember it from ,

Let us know how you get on :+1:

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Will do - thanks. Googled the plate - it went through an auction back in 2006 with a previous owner.

I must say, that car has a very unique, in excellent original condition from what I have read so far. If the low mileage can be corroborated, then this is pretty special. But, I expect it will attract a very handsome price.
Low mileage, engine bay still stock, this is rare in my opinion.
All the best, let us know how you get on at the auction.
(Upgrade from a Skyline…???)


My sentiments exactly. I’ve placed a reasonable bid within my means… let’s see.

Had a R35 awhile back but time to get back into a Japanese future classic. The classic car mags are promoting the 3000GT and The Nissan 300ZX as future classics.

If not this one, hoping to find another GT soon.

Thanks for the welcome and all your help chaps.

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Car sold for £15k + Commission - above my budget but I’m sure going to a good home…my search continues .

Madness , I know I shouldn’t say it as it’s a GTO club , but for 15k you can buy a lot of cars


I nearly pushed the bid button but glad to invest in full membership to this great forum and wait for the next car to come along - maybe even one of this group members cars :slight_smile:

Not many of these cars are advertised over here but in the last six months I’ve seen 3 n/a sold for 6k euro ,
7k Euro and 8k euro , only the 8k car could be called remarkable and the other 2 were nice , no rust, good condition.
Also a Tt advertised last week 9900 euro and that has been taken down so it may have sold also.
The prices for these cars have definitely increased over here, as have other cars like the Mr2 which seems to have more than doubled in the last 3 years.

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The Silverstone Auction car sold for £16875, that more like it, seeing a decent number for what is a very good car.

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Car went to Ireland not sure where about’s though, but car had a serious number of bids on it according to my sources

Wasn’t me folks :rofl:

Crazy money , have to be a special gto /gt for me to consider that amount , that car wasnt it

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Not going anywhere near it with an 8 year gap in the service history. Had it been complete and it been a GTO I might have placed a bid.

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I was bidding on that car. Stopped at £12k… £5k over my budget… auctions are dangerously addictive ;-):upside_down_face:

You got that right, I got into an internet bidding war once, must have been mad, glad I dropped out or was it that I came to my senses in the nick of time.

The right one will come along, just be patient @Skyline.

Terry :sunglasses:

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12k + whatever work it needs. Be no profit in that car for along time

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Nice to see the UK GT acheive a price worthy of its rarity and condition.



Yeh it is nice to see UK cars and the GTOs creeping up in value. Although it doesn’t worry me as I’m not planning on selling my cars :joy: especially now the red one looks brand new



Some interesting comments regarding a car’s worth in a sale, and its worth to an owner whom doesn’t want to sell.
Most of us have ploughed megabucks into our cars, mainly because we want to put things right and some of us have spent a fortune in more bhp, but not so much else.
That auction car is rather like a “barn find”, a rare gem which hasn’t been driven much, or been mucked around with. Whilst I personally think £16,875 is a bit too high for my budget, it demonstrates the purchaser’s real attraction to it. I bet whoever the new owner is, they are probably very knowledgeable about these cars. I thought the auction write up about these was also very good.
My little silver machine was once barely worth £2k, but it’s been treated well during my ownership (barring the odd brick wall and gas meter box…hehe), and it’s worth a bit more now. But it’ll keep turning heads, whatever its worth.
I recently had the pleasure of taking a look at a slightly younger NA than mine, a '92 Mk2. In the time that I had that car parked outside my house, it attracted more interest, with people stopping and commenting about the car, than my little silver gal has in the last 7 to 8 years. To actually cause people to stop, take a good look, and then make very complimentary remarks, is pretty special. The car was freshly painted in red, with white wheels, and certainly does look stunning.
Scott, if you’re reading this ,yes, it’s your car…