Newbie question?

Are all GTO/GT’s four wheel drive and 4ws ??

All cars are awd but z16 chassis code is for rws z15 chassis code no rws.


All JP & UK cars are 4 wheel drive

normally only Z16a are 4WS

The us have a third version which is neither

So, the majority of the cars in the UK should be 4WD ?? either the UK GT or the JDM GTO version?

The only reason I ask is that when I do an MOT history check on my ‘Car Checker’ App, not all say they are 4WD

Thanks again,

what the chasis number start with Z16a all, Z15a could have an option


I haven’t bought one just yet. Currently on the look out. Thanks for the help.

Its the non turbo cars that were made and sold for the USA Market that were fwd.
They were sold as Mitsubishi 3000gt and Dodge Stealth, lhd of course.
Very unlikely for one of these to be for sale in the UK, maybe 2 or 3 here if that.

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