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Hi everyone. This is my first post. I’ve had a 1990 gto import for 2 years now. The refurb is coming along nicely, lots to do. Gearbox rebuild this autumn and some improvements to the engine at the same time.
There seems to be a good amount of info out there but one item I’m reallystrugglingwith is the steering wheel.
I’m quite keen on originality but they are unattractive and mines a bit tatty. What do other people do? Refurb or replace? And if replace what is considered a suitable alternative.
Thanks in advance


Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Get some pictures up we do like seeing peoples motors . You can always go aftermarket or have your wheel refurbished




Hi and welcome,
You can use steering wheel from an evo or fto they are both much nicer than original and still stock mitsubishi.

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Welcome to GTOUK , steering wheel topics technical data and lots of other info within the forum sections, it’s worth signing up for a full membership
Here is some aftermarket options ! Cheers


Check the new MOT laws before you fit a steering wheel without Airbag …

They changed in March

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Hi, and welcome to the club. New-ish member myself and currently debating over replacement steering also. Think I’m going down the Evo route and retain airbag, just want to find a mod to retain Cruise control.


The Evo steering wheel is not a direct fit from memory and you need to cut it about and do some welding too

I will ask they guy who looked into it properly and let you guys the coo

I do know it wasn’t fitted in the end though, but will find out the facts

Welcome to the best club bar none!!!

Got to get pics up of your car :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:

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Can you not have aftermarket wheels with the new MOT rules then? Damn, was looking at a Momo, Sparco, or OMP wheel myself. Regarding retaining cruise control, I was considering getting another switch from eBay, then knocking up an aluminium mounting for it at work with the pcd on it to mount on to the boss adaptor. It might not look the best, so would be steering wheel dependent I think. But it should maintain the cruise activation switch rotating with the wheel I think…

If it’s an import you’ll get away with it better.
Jerry :grinning:

Right got hold of a couple of EVO wheels today from a EVO guy who buys his oil off me

The EVO 4-5-6 it look like they will fit OK and go straight on to our steering column as they do fit the splines OK

The 7-8-9-10 will not fit the splines so you will have to weld our steering wheel center into a EVO wheel to get them any where near fitting

Then you have the plastics to contend with trying to make them look right i bet

So there you have it what fits and what does not !!


My understanding is if the car was fitted with a Airbag at manufacture then it has to have one fitted now, no exceptions for road cars

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Thanks for info, was about to buy an evo 7 wheel.
I have seen them in our cars and they look class but not worth that hassle. I’ll have to settle for evo 4 wheel or maybe just refurb original, it’s getting complicated. :thinking:

I have some original MK1 and MK2 steering wheels at a top quality leather guy a the moment i will post some pics as soon as they come back from him

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob

Is there a big difference between the MK1 and MK2 wheels?

Post locked as now technical in newbie post, please start new thread.

Thanks Dave

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