Newbie to the forum

Hi All, After several year assisting ‘Hawk’ (Geoff) keep his GTO up and running
It is now time to concentrate on mine.
During the summer I pulled the engine out replaced the head gaskets (due to pressurised water system). Replaced the head gaskets etc refitted engine, added critical bodily fluids, coolant, engine oil etc

Started the engine up and ‘Knock’ ‘Knock’ :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
Since this myself and Hawk have been and meet Jensen, I handed over several purple drinking vouchers and came home with another engine.

‘Rob’ ‘Evil empire’ over the coming months I am sure I will be hassling you for parts. I intend to complete a full strip and rebuild of this engine. First I have to complete and sell my OLD Kawasaki Z650 from 1982 with 18,500 mile on the clock, lots of polishing and chroming still to be done. This will fund the GTO engine rebuild and get another back on the road (one day) :grinning::grinning::grinning:



Kai performance there’s a name I haven’t heard for ages , hi and welcome to GTOUK

I now have a black Labrador the wife named him ‘Kai’ When naming him Suzanne said she liked the name Kai but didn’t know why. GTO subliminal messages going I guess :slight_smile:

Where does Kai Performance come from?

Chap called warren named the company after their child

Some of the work carried out was not quite up to standard shall we say

Hi Ian.
Great to see you on the forum.
Be good to see the build unfold on here.
Look forward to catching up with you and Geoff at the NEC this week.

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Hi and welcome :grin: look forward to seeing pics of your progress and its nice to see another local member :+1:

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Hi Jenson,
Good to be here.
I will take loads of photos as the build unfolds and post them.
Be good to catch up at the show

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Hi Ian, welcome aboard. There’s lots of helpful advice and banter here so you should fit right in.

Will watch your rebuild with interest.

Terry :sunglasses:

Welcome to GTOUK Ian !

Welcome to gto UK

Good luck with the build and see you at the N E C.

Welcome to the site mate

Welcome…you will get to know us all intamately during your ownership