Newbie to the GTO

Hello all, acquired a 1994 GTO 3.0 NA in Nov of last year as a part exchange for my twin turbo Toyota Supra.
I had no real intentions of taking a px but as I’d always fancied owning a GTO as a kid when they were first released I decided to go ahead.
I was going to sell it on, but, it seems to have grown on me and it looks like I may keep it a little longer.
There’s a few niggling issues with it, I don’t seem to have headlights, just sidelights or full beam lol, I’m guessing an electrical gremlin but only time will tell.

Power wise it isn’t the quickest but I’ve been doing my research and if the options are available I may look at swapping the engine out for something a little beefier.

Nice to be here and I’ll get my head into the faq’s and search function for the next few days.




Welcome to the club mate.
Jerry :grinning:

Welcome mate! Should of got the twins :wink:

I would have but this was just what came with the deal.
To be fair I sold my Supra for a hefty amount so I can’t complain :slight_smile:

Here she is in all here striped glory lol


Hi welcome to the club - nice motor can’t help but think I’ve seen that car before where abouts in the country are you?


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Hi there thanks, I’m upbin Scotland but the Car came from Worcester area.

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You found the right place Gordy so many new owners come along here are are astounded by the information we have for these cars which isn’t out on the WWW.

Get full Membership it will be the best money you’ve ever spent. That’s not a sales ploy Steve and I were unaware of GTOUK 12 years ago and it cost us a fortune, money we didn’t need to spend.


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Hi Gordy Welcome to GTOUK , few of us up here lots of knowledge and info within the club to keep the car alive and kicking, have a nosy in the forum most of the sections are not available till You sign up for full membership ( when You ready ) info at the club shop. Any questions send me a PM. Cheers
GTO / 3000GT Owners In Scotland ( Updated )
We are coming back :wink: Keep it up Guys :+1:

1 Spiros ( Spiros ) @ Glasgow GTO TT 93 MK1 - BLACK
2 Jeemy ( Jamie ) @ East Lothian GTO TT 92 MK1 - BLACK
3 stuartgordon977 ( Stuart ) @ Arbroath GTO TT 94 MK2 - BLUE
4 swbain ( Scott ) @ Dunfermline GTO N/A 94 MK2 - RED
5 morf14 ( John ) @ Glasgow 3000 TT 98 MK3 - BLUE
6 sco1gto ( Scott ) @ Bellshill GTO TT 94 MR - BLACK
7 warren ( Warren ) @ New Port On Tay GTO TT 1993 MK1 - RED
8 D18NYS ( Daniel ) @ Inverness GTO TT 91 MK1 - BLACK
9 Gav72 ( Gavin ) @ Fife GTO TT 91 - RED
10 BillCowan ( Bill ) @ Fife GTO N/A 94 MK2 - BLACK / GTO TT 91 MK1 WHITE
11 IHELLFIREI ( Robby ) @ Keith GTO TT 92 MK1 - BLACK
12 Chooch ( Ewan ) @ Aberdeen GTO TT 92 MK1 - 1 BLUE - 1 BLACK
14 smadd99 ( Scott ) @ Edinburgh 3000TT 95 MK2 - RED
15 williamwtsd5 ( Billy ) @ Dumfries GTO TT 94 - WHITE
16 bhorth31 ( Bruce ) @ East North Fife GTOTT 94 MK2 - BLUE
17 Liquidstate ( Bryan ) @ Edinburgh GTO TT 91 MK1 - RED
18 Aldo ( Aldo ) @ Bellshill GTO N/A 96 MK2 - BLACK
19 tgjack ( Tim ) @ Edinburgh 3000GT TT 1997 MK2 - GREEN
20 cscottferguson ( Scott ) @ Falkirk GTO TT 92 MK1 - RED / 3000GT 93 TT MK1 - RED
21 van1 ( Van ) @ East Kilbride GTO N/A MK2 - BLUE
22 craigd1905 ( Craig ) @ Edinburgh GTO TT 93 MK2 - BLUE
23 allyp81 ( Ally ) @ Aberdeen GTO TT 95 MK2 - RED
24 jameszrd ( James ) @ Forfar GTO TT 91 MK1 - WHITE / GTO N/A 93 MK1 - SILVER
25 alec _shewan ( Alec ) @ Peterhead COMING SOON - ANY COLOR
26 jamesjazzy ( James ) @ Midlothian 3000GT 99 TT MK4 - SILVER

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Brilliant! I didn’t realise there was so many in Scotland!
I’ve had mine up at the Tartan Tarmac monthly event in Glasgow before just after I got it, I was a regular with my supra and Smart Roadster for the last two + years.

Whilst I knew the Supra and it’s tuning inside out, I’m a complete noob with the GTO but I do just love its lines and aggressive stance.

I’ll definitely keep an eye out for others on the road up here and keep an eye on any events!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Welcome young man
get joined up and feast your eyes on that much info it will make you smile

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It’s on Gumtree - that’s where I saw it - looks nice mate,


Ah yes it is! If the right offer comes along it’ll be passed on to someone who’s got the time for it, but if not it’ll stay with me and I’ll tinker away. (Not that it’s a bad car or anything, just needs some touch ups here and there).

I never had any intention of keeping it but it has grown on me :slight_smile: …and continues to grow!


I guess will be OK adding You to the list !

Welcome aboard, join us and let that car grow on you more, good luck with it.

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welcome :slight_smile: and the usb got all the info you would need to do most things on the car if you not got it its worth the cost :slight_smile:

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