Newbie with 99 gt Tt

Good evening all first thanks for allowing me to join this club, I’m sure I will be asking way to many questions and asking for advice and help. Just purchased a 99 TT GT with the hope of restoring back to health. Already hit a few speed bumps but more of that later. Thanking all in advance

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Hi @dan6 ,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1: as you can see we are an active forum with plenty of activity such as car meetings etc…

Oh and let’s see some pictures of your new car :grinning:


As James said, pictures of your car and a rough idea of where you are, there is a map of where members are located, @spiros just needs your postcode.


Terry :sunglasses:

Again thanks I’m in the Rochester Kent area me3 postcode. I hope the few pics of car have come through.


Nice - can’t help but think I’ve seen this car before - where did you get the car from?


Picked it up from Bradford area but looking at receipts has been in a few areas. Not sure how long last guy had it but any background info (good or bad) appreciated

Isn’t that the one the dealer had on YouTube?

To be honest no idea of background just hoping all the welding was done like I was told, as wanted good solid starting block. If honest can’t stand the wheels or the exhaust so after full service and cam belt change these will be next. Loads of questions coming everyone’s way very soon.

The wheels are much in demand Lenso Muse in 19" , You will be hard pressed to find many wheels around now that will fit these cars.

The exhaust is a Mongoose and to is sought after and as there is no longer any Mitsubishi Stock any longer and there is now no after market systems around your going to have to go to one of the crap drain pipe builders to get one made.

Finally if your going to get the cam belt done get a Genuine Mitsubishi one one , not a crap one off ebay

Looks like a very tidy 1999 UK MK2 3000GT you have there, have fun owning it

Thanks yep hope it’s as good as it looks on the surface exhaust has been butchered and is welded to a cobra sports cat very noisy. Would love to go as close to a stock look as possible. As for wheels just makes the car look like it’s sitting up and begging would probably look better if lowered but have seen the stance and wheels I’d like to get just waiting for the guy to message me back his specs for wheels tyres and suspension.
I hope to enjoy it as I have bought as a keeper :crossed_fingers:

They can be made to look better with lowering springs as the pictures below show although the pictures show coilovers fitted, but you can get the idea of what i mean

Give me a call i have some one local between us who can sort the exhaust for you no problem

Will do is it just the normal number on the website.


9an till 6pm