Newbie with cold starting issues

Hi all. I’ve got a GTO N/A Mk1, and I’m having trouble starting it when it’s cold. It takes at least 3 attempts of key turning to get her to splutter into life. Once it’s warm I don’t have this issue. Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated. Cheers

Ask rob evil empire it’s prob a temp sensor @GSXRKID

It could be a number of things, but take a look at your spark plugs first and give 'em a decent clean up, or even replace them. Not the easiest thing to get to the rear 3 plugs, but worth a try.
The temp sensor will send a signal to the Idle Stepper Motor (by the throttle body) for it to govern your fuel/air ratio on start-up and idle. These devices can get clogged up a bit with carbon, and the metering "pintle"inside the motor responds very well to a good clean. Fairly easy to unbolt and detach the signal lead from. A new Stepper costs roughly £120, but check with Rob on that.
If your engine is running fine otherwise then I can’t think of anything else obvious, based on the symptoms.
Another good housekeeping job is to renew the fuel filter if it hasn’t already been done.

Good luck with the fix.


Welcome along to the club :slight_smile: