Hi Guys, I am Steve, I have just bought my first GTO Twin Turbo at the grand old age of 45. Love the car, it needs work on it so no doubt I am going to start asking a few questions :smiley:

Hi Steve,

Welcome to GTOUK, where are you based?


Hi Steve & Welcome to GTOUK

Ask all the questions you want mate there is always someone happy to help


Hi Steve

Welcome to GTOUK 8) good to have you aboard

Get some pictures up when you get chance

Craig :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys!
I am based just outside of Bournemouth.
I need to find someone local to me as she has a few issues. One being as soon as I drive down the road the sport light flashes on and off on the dash and the suspension goes rock hard. Also the active aero on the back will only work once until you turn off the ignition and back on again The gear linkage appears worn, can this be adjusted, as if I’m not careful with the gear changes she will go 1st, 2nd, fifth… trying to change down can be tricky too.
Noisy Pulley? near the alternator. I think its an Idler one. Needs a new/secondhand front Bumper as someone has smacked it, ripping off the active aero from underneath and the exhaust has 2 splits in it near the back box in between the decat pipe… breather time!

Active aero is playing up because of your front one .

What normally causes the fault is that the front seizes , if yours has been removed along with the motor assembly this will cause it . If the front motor doesn’t make its full travel and the micro switches it throws a fault which also stops the rear working . Unplugging the motor also does the same thing

Have a look in the suspension section there is loads in there regarding the ECS , again a common fault is a broken wire in the strut tops , there is plenty of info in there of how to diagnose though 8)

Craig :slight_smile:

Cheers Craig, maybe I can fool it into thinking its still there somehow?? plug a plug into the plug underneath? just until I can find a replacement, worth a shot I guess…

If the motor is still there it will still be possible as long as the switches are ok , I removed my front aero tray and rods and left the rest connected

Craig :slight_smile:

As for your vagueness in gears its worth looking at the bushes on top of the gear box linkages to make sure they are not excessively worn , also under the gear gaitor inside the car , unclip the trim around the gear stick (just pulls up ) and have a check in there

Craig :slight_smile:

Cheers mate, that’s very helpful, I’ve had a quick look under the gaitor, looks a little worn in places, need to look at the gearbox now.

Hi Welcome aboard Steve


And what is told to every new person on here, do the cam belt. Looks daunting but it isn’t really. Belt, water pump and tensioner and the idler pulley’s.

There is one guy here who will get to know the inside and outside of your wallet pretty quickly :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Evening Rob…

Terry 8)

Thanks Steve and Terry!
I’m not daunted by doing the cambelt etc… It just looks like a bit of a squeeze!!!:confused: According to the paperwork I’ve got it was done about 30K ago… But I’ve got to sort out this extra noisy pulley/tensioner so I may as well do the belt…

Robs just sorted me out with a cambelt kit, nice bloke, always really helpful.

I’m doing my cambelt tomorrow.

Active aero is easy to sort as long as all the bits are there.

Good luck with your new car, you’ll be a master mechanic in no time. :lol:

Welcome to the forum.

Hi Steve

Change it first job you do and make sure you do everything; so much cheaper than the dam thing snapping.

When I bought my GTO I remember someone saying these cars a "Japanese Ferrari “ Service them correctly and they are reliable.

Forgot to mention it first time round I guess it’s my age and the fact I have been around these dam things too long :roll:


Thanks for the advice Steve… I’m going to do it, along with my leaking steering rack, rear track rod boots, corroded fuel and brake lines near rear wheel, oh and dropping near side bottom arm as someone has ripped the bolt out of the floor and welded the arm to the floor!! :hushed:

Welcome to the club,

Cheers Rob!

Hi Steve!
Welcome to the club

Welcome to the club if steves too! As if it wasn’t getting confusing enough lol


Cheers Steve! The more Steve’s the merrier!! :lol: