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(Sam202 ) #1

Hi all

I was waved down by @just_cool the other day when I was testing out my newly installed gauges on my GTO. Stopped and we had a good chat, was nice to meet you Terry :+1:

He introduced me to the site, I forgot I had already made an account, I often trawl a lot of different sites for parts and rare stuff so I’m all over the place and lose track.

I’ve got a NA ATX GTO '91, had it for a good while now and done so much to it that I’ve lost count, also covered a fair few miles due to my job. Do all my work myself.

Most recent work has been the installation of a catch can and Prosport gauges. Next job is probably an ABS delete.

Attached some pics

(A Stevenson) #2

Cool, welcome dude, hope to see u at a meet soon :+1:

:blush: T.

(Spiros Kapadohas) #3

Welcome to GTOUK car looks Good :+1:

(Jensen Richardson) #4

Hi and welcome to the club.
Nice looking car.
Must admit I love a black mk1. Yes @spiros you heard me :joy:
My first gto was a black mk1 n/a :+1:
Would love to know what was going through your head when Terry was trying to pull you over :joy:

(David Perkins) #5

Welcome :heart: I’ve had a couple of black ones to :+1:

Rusty Dave

(Sam202 ) #6

I was driving around 55 down a short dual carriageway just outside of town, none of my gauges was mounted and the interior dash was practically in pieces and rolling around the cabin. I was taking it slow and eyeballing the new equipment, admittedly not paying much attention to anything until Terry was driving besides me and matching my speed.

Then he went past and signalled me over, definitely a first.

“You okay mate?” -me

(Terry Wilkes) #7

Yo Sam,

Glad to see you made it. Was great to meet you and what a weird way to go about it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My missus said ‘that made your day didn’t it’ as we drove away. Yup!

Terry :sunglasses:

(Jerry Castle) #8

welcome to the team photos look good.

(Spiros Kapadohas) #9

Good invite Terry but You still have to complete the job :wink::grin:

(Jerry Gauci) #10

Welcome along mate.
■■■■ Facebook,Instagram… hijacking is the new way to get people on-board the club :joy:
Well done @just_cool
I like your style :grin:
Jerry :grinning:


Welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

I see Terry not only said to introduce yourself but even gave you the golden rule regarding photographs on your post :+1:

(Sam202 ) #12

It made my day too haha, I always enjoy venting off car chat with people who are interested.

Also a cursory pic of my new gauges

(Tracy Parkin) #13

Welcome Novak,

…and Well Done Terry for the abduction :joy:

Why not grab your Full Membership In The Club Shop Here

…and pop along to our AGM on the 5th May in Northampton to see what we are about and meet everyone, it’s a great day, your buddy Terry will be there, although he might not resemble the same sensible man who pulled you up, he can be a little boisterous on a social platform :rofl::hugs:


(Jerry Castle) #14

Nice dials :+1::+1::+1:

(Jake Waller) #15

Welcome to the club

(Terry Wilkes) #16

Good God, trashed again :sob::sob::sob:

Terry :rofl::rofl::sunglasses:

(Sam202 ) #17

Will full membership allow me to post in the classified forums and see the rest?

Admittedly I won’t be around for many meetups as I live in Germany at the moment but maybe in the future definitely.


Yes it will fella :+1: