Newsletter 2010

The next issue of the newsletter has been started :smiley:

If you have anything of interest to put in please feel free to send it in, remember IT DOESN’T have to be car related :slight_smile:

So far I have had a few articles in and a list shows from who below. If you have sent something in and your names not there please resend.

1 Ozzie
2 Driverrob
3 Julian
4 Dejay
5 Patrick (please send again mate as I cannot find the file )
6 AlanGTO

[email protected]

Cheers Guys


I will write to some thing on the Essex Meet Stevie…

I just need to find 5 minutes and get some pics of Karim for you

Cheers Rob

yes…i wil MAKE time to write the article i keep promising myself i would do :oops: :roll:


Sent 2 pieces last month… will look them out again and resend

Pm sent :wink: