Newsletter Advertising

I am going to try and make this newsletter self funding, by means of advertising.

I will be reducing the traders adverts to £35 for a full page and eliminating the half page ads.

Also traders who have a forum banner only, will be given the opportunity to have a full page ad at £40.

Full members are also going to be given space to advertise their own businesses with a business card sized advert at £10. I feel that as a club we could all benefit from using each others services

If you would like to take an advert out please PM me



Hi mate,put us down for a tenners worth with our ukpr banner,everylittle helps,give me the address to send the money and ill get it sorted.

regards vikky&scott

Cheers Scott,

payment will be asked for after print


:? :? :lol: how odd,that was sent as a pm