Well it was agreed at the AGM to do a newletter, as to date we have not received any, articles, so come on everyone,

Lets have a write up of each of the local meets, when who to contact etc

Some events that you have done etc

A mod on your car , you are proud of (please lets have something other than a certain engine bay)

A warning on what to do , or things to avoid( yes steve you can tell us how not to connect nos the wrong way)

Any supplier that would like to offer a deal to members

Some web link that would be of use to others

please email these to [email protected] ,


C’mon guys you don’t want me writing the technical stuff do you???


Another thought, a few of you are organising regional meets (me included). How about a short paragraph-sort of regional news, where you meet, how many turn up, what you do—note form is OK I can edit it.

I will knock something up on word about the northern meet and send it to you if you pm me your e-mail



I will knock something up on word about the northern meet and send it to you if you pm me your e-mail


Please forword all news letter related emails to [email protected]


Hi Janey.

If Rob (GSXRKID) doesn’t wish to, I will knock something together about the next South East meet (last Tuesday of the month - so next week).

Also, we have the Bolney Jap Car meet coming up this Saturday, and as long as I go (assuming car is still on the road) I will try to do something for that as well.

Hope this helps.


Sent some info through to the Hotmail address.




Just a thought me and my Dad had yesterday, would it be a good idea to have an Alternative Ride ( :lol: ) section as i know there are a quite a few people in the club running other beasts. Maybe they could send you a couple of pics and a spec and the committee could pick one each newsletter.

Just an idea.


Thanks for all this guys. Alternative rides sounds like a good idea so if any-one wants to contribute send an e-mail to the shared mailbox. I should be doing an owner and car profile-think I have some-one lined up for that. Just need a short technical item some sort of ‘how to do’.

thanks again

Northern meet write up has just been posted

Just in the process of putting this together, anymore stories for me please?