Next scottish meet

just gauging some interest here as the days are getting colder and wetter :cry: just to see how many fancy a meet next month some weekend.we can sort out a location later on :wink:


Hi Scott,

As you know I’m away to start work on my motors, so I’m probably going to take the Tax off them etc… I would come along if your having a meet though…


think its a bad time of year for a meet mate :wink: ill be removing my bonnet soon to fix it up and my wheels will be coming off ,need to strip the laquer and polish the rims. might get one at the start of the year that would be better,maybee the end of feb start of march :wink:

I’m up for it - I get one weekend off a month at my new dealership so hopefully we can work round that.

Congratulations… Is it the old man’s dealership now??? :lol:

im just back from the jap north east meet,300m round trip and im knackered.cold ,rainy and dark rds coming back :cry: were some nice cars there tho 8)

I dont think im going to have the time to get my car back on the road till during the christmas holidays so anytime after jan and i should be good to go .

Ps: Will try get a meet with ewan when you get the pipes off , I was doing the fuel pump seal in my deli as it kept cutting out in the morning .



Congratulations… Is it the old man’s dealership now??? :lol:[/quote]

Ended up not getting anywhere with them. Messed me about saying yes, yes, oh wait - we are just transfering someone from another branch. So its Fix It Again Tomorrows I am selling. And all I am going to get today is calls for the 500 Abarth that isn’t out yet thanks to Messers Clarkson, Hammond and May.