No dash lights no running lights

No side lights no dash lights, changed fuse and it keeps popping, dimmer switch fell apart in my fingers when I got it out to check so I unplugged it , they worked b4 then all of a sudden it goes and keeps shorting out. Does anybody know if it’s a common fault coz I’m stuck where to look next for a short???

I think here the start point would always be what have to changed or moved recently?

What else is on that fuse ?


Alrite Simon :+1:t2:, nope haven’t messed with anything although I was modging around with the dimmer to see what it did lol which subsequently fell apart when I removed it , it had been bodged with silicone by previous owner lol

As my tail lights are in that circuit I was unable to take my mrs for chicken for which she had starved herself for the whole day! She isn’t best pleased !!

So the next thing is to look at the live wire from that fuse and trace it, You should be able to see the colour, in the fuse box and look at the wiring diagram to where that goes

Are you sure that switch is not fusing, remove it totally and cover up the ends and then swap the fuse, I guess that is the dimmer on the dash so you may have cut into the live when doing the switch repairs, as inside the dash there are many sharp edges


Hi mate I have good spare dimmer if you need :+1:

I may just run another wire and do away with the dimmer and put a separate circuit switch for running lights n dash - wires are prob rotting anyway :scream: matt

Alrite dave👍🏻, I’ve unplugged the dimmer and it still popping the 15 amp fuse under the bonnet. 1 minute it worked n the last thing I did different was mess with the dimmer. I know a bit about wiring but not that much lol

It could be shorting inside the switch so remove it and try


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I can’t imagine the side lights are on the same circuit as dash lights but I could be wrong.without the dimmer connected the dash lights won’t work and if they are connected to the same circuit as side lights that maybe causing a short?
Unfortunately I don’t have my car here to check otherwise I would unplug and see maybe another member could check for you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Actually thinking back to my old porches 944s in particular the dash lights screwed up all sorts of stuff like side lights staying on headlights not going down due to the dimmet switch, it could well be a short due to dimmer.

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the most common fault for shorting out would be anywhere the wiring loom goes through the chassis and rubs against the metalwork the inner wing is the most likely place


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Not sure if it would cause the fault you are having but my dash lights were doing some odd things like dimming when I was braking. Turned out to be water in my tail light. Took it out and drained it and then resealed it and it has been fine ever since.

I spent months trying to sort my issue with the lights, it turned out to be the same as @markie1978 said. Just as the wires go into the inner wing. It had rubbed and cut through the sheath and into the wire.

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Just to add to everything else! check the bulb holders for rust and corrosion. i had this years ago and it was the rear number plate lights gone bad