No interior lights, side lights or rear lights

Just brought my first gto! It doesn’t have any interior lights, side lights or rear lights. Anyone had this problem? There is power to the fuse and when you turn the side lights on the relay clicks. There’s no power up to the dimmer switch, can’t find any wiring diagrams either. Any help would be great!

Welcome to GTO UK Josh , You don’t need lights GTO is all about modifications , we use torches and wind lamps :grin: Get some pictures up :wink:


thank you! haha i need them to get on mot on her :frowning: she is far from standard haha ! any ideas where i can get a wiring diagram for her?

Everything is here :wink:

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ok thank you for that. i had look over the weekend and traced it to a broken wire where it goes through O/S wing. For now i have put another wire in and joined it into the loom. i now have rear and interior lights. Just no front side lights. will be looking at these next when i get time. Does anyone know where is best to get parts for the gto?