No kickdown down

not a newbie but can’t find any categories something wrong with my membership ?
anyway will sort that.
My problem is have lost kickdown but still have all gears Inc overdrive.
is there a fuse or relay or indeed a switch.
I’m assuming switch is located beneath accelerator but location of relay or fuse would be good.
no symptoms other than just went for kick down and it wasn’t there

You don’t appear to be a full member. For the technical sections you will need to pay £20 a year for the membership. Well worth it.


Hi your last paid membership was 15/16 unfortunately this has lapsed, you can repurchase this in the club shop.
Thanks Dave

tried to renew but says I’m on hold I’ve already got this product??

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Try it again now @reddwarf Michael

tried again…no joy

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@stevie here

@reddwarf i have cancelled that, please try again it should now work. The PayPal is an ongoing yearly subscription, if you cancel it your end it puts it on hold our end.
Thanks Dave

@reddwarf Michael not heard from you are you still having problems with membership?
thanks Dave

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