No pack as yet

Hi guys
I sent you my membership application and cheque (No n00308) on 8/9/08
I now have access to all the forms (big thank you), but No pack received as yet, and my bank say the cheque hasn’t been presented yet. :cry:

If you would like to give me a clue who you are I will see if I have received the cheque :oops: :lol:

But I would guess not as we are only two weeks behind on the membership stuff :shock: , and your cheque has not been cashed :wink:

Did you include a signed form ? :roll:


ok found you I think

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted byGraham Booth on Monday, September 8, 2008 at 15:00:00--------------------------------------------------------------------------- realname: Graham Booth

forumname: Spanners

I have not had a cheque from you yet, so I guess royal mail have placed it to one side to be sent at a latter date :lol: :shock:

If you could reprint the form and send it in with a cheque payable to GTO UK



The cheque was stapled to the form I sent in - so not sure how they delivered the application form but not the cheque?

If it turns up - dont try and cash it as I have put a stop on it today. To save time, do you want to PM bank details and i’ll put cash straight in today for you ?

Thanks for all your help