No spark at plugs


Hi. I have a 1992 non turbo that has no spark at the plugs. The diagnostic code indicates faulty crank sensor. I have tried three sensors, reset the code each time but still no spark, and the same fault code comes up each time. I have put on a new power amp and checked the power to the sensor which appears to be as it should be. Is there something else that would give me the fault code suggesting faulty sensor that I’m not aware of? (This is the engine with the crank and cam sensor all in one) All suggestions welcome. Many thanks Gary.


Broken wire between ecu and plug for the crank sensor?
Faulty Ecu?



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Hi Dave Thanks for your reply. Not much to say about me I’m afraid. I’ve had my 1992 non turbo GTO for about ten years and used to use it on a daily basis until about 3 years ago when it wouldn’t start one day and I just pushed it into the garage with the plan to keep it as my retirement project. Well that day has just about arrived so I pushed it out of the Garage last week with the idea of getting it running again. I used to own a Home Tune Franchise many years ago (If you’re old you will probably know what that is but if your young you probably wont). That was back in the days of Points, condensers and balancing carburetors. I’ve been out of the trade for a long time and everything has moved on a bit since those days. Sorry no pics I’m afraid.


Hi Paul thanks for your reply.
I have checked all the outputs from the crank sensor connector and they all appear as they should be so not sure about a broken wire.
I thought about the ECU but how do you check that out?



Lol spent many years adjusting point’s mostly on Allegro’s or agro’s as we used to call them :joy: apprentice co op milk float mechanic…you can’t get much more basic than that :joy:
Good to have you onboard and if it’s been stood that long could possibly be ECU related the ECU caps could have leaked but could be a mass of things…
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Hi i have same problems.
Every thing was fine all power fine but no spark.
Your problem is ptu.
Change your ptu and your car will fire back 1 turn of keys.
My problem solved by change ptu


Hi. I fitted a new PTU but it hasn’t solved the problem I’m afraid. Diagnostic code indicates crank sensor I’ve fitted two second hand ones but still no spark but you don’t know if the second hand ones are any good. Can’t get hold of a new crank sensor anywhere.


Is there a way to test the sensors ?


Not that I’m aware of. You can test the power to the sensor which appears okay but you can’t test the sensor itself’.


I’ve replied to member kmaysfx, above, who appears to be suffering from the same issue. Take a look, it might be worth investigating.
Good luck with the fix,



This might help



Hi Mike. I can’t seem to find your reply. Could you cut and past it to me or send a link?