Non Cat MOT Test

Sorry to bring this up again but I can not for the life of me find the members post about all GTO’s having a Non Cat test, Mine has failed today on emissions but the tester said it would have passed a Non Cat test, but had to be tested on a Cat test

There is a post where a member wrote to confirm all GTO’s should have a Non Cat test
but can not find it

Help Please

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What year is it, only pre 1992 cars technically should have a non cat test unless it’s had an engine change to a pre 92 year or before.
Post 49 and 52 Marc.
I know this isn’t the original post you are on about, but hope it helps.

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Also just noticed @brillo21
You no longer have full member below your name.
Might be you can’t access full member sections as your renewal might not have gone through.

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Cool, didn’t realize :+1:


Hi Jensen thanks for pointing that out, you are right I don’t have access to your link, dont know what has happened there will look into it.

Many Thanks

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We have had a few problems with the automatic renewals for membership.
Some members have been locked out.
I’m sure Dave will be along to help you out when he has a moment.

Mines not past yet with the wire problem I have. So I’ve taken a picture of it to show them. So thank you.