Non "Members" sale replies

Hi All,

I’m sort of a lurking member until I find a GTO to buy. I’ve been checking back to the forum every so often to see what (if any) cars get listed here.

I can’t help but notice that the rules on the sales section seem a little ‘tight’. I understand not being able to list cars if you are not a full member, also not being able to list/buy parts without membership…

However, without being a full member you cannot ‘reply’ to any for sale car adverts. This means that only full members could show interest in any of the cars. In other words, only members can buy members cars.

There is a loophole in the fact that you can PM the sellers. This means that the ‘no reply’ rule really only hurts exposure on the advert(s) and therefor paying members.

Apologies if this is intended, in that case it might be something worth looking at?

This was voted for many years back by the members at the AGM , it isn’t a loophole really as we allow it and are aware of that’s how contact can be made ( non members still get pm privileges there was talk of not allowing it , but was decided to leave them in place )

It’s a small trade off compared to the extra work the moderators would have to do by cleaning up the classifieds with posts that shouldn’t be there ,we have to do that too on the newbie section with a polite message explaining why sales posts aren’t allowed .

Hope that answers your question for you ,good luck on the search too :+1:

OK I understand.

In terms of the permissions I was talking on a more granular level, so the ability to reply as opposed to reply+create.

In a technical way read/edit as opposed to read/edit/create on the sql.

Thanks for clearing it up though as I wasn’t 100% sure if intended or maybe an over sight. Also understand the reasons why.