Non Turbo Gto transmission shaft and transfer box

I have a non turbo GTO, driving it down the road and every time I drove it the revs would shot sky high but the speed would only increase gradually. I thought it was the clutch being knackered so I have replaced but in replacing it I noticed the transmission shaft that goes into the gear box was missing all it’s teeth and the same in the transfer box. I have since been trying to get hold of a shaft and box with no joy. I even bought an auto one which was completely different. I could really do with some help finding the parts…

Your best bet is to give Rob at evil empire a ring. Even if he doesn’t stock the parts he might know where to find them


Thanks, I gave him a bell but I said it’s a toughy but he will let me know if anything comes up. Cheers by the way!!

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Hi @tandy_man if you wish to join as a full member we have a huge technical section full members can see, we also have classified sections with car parts and car’s being broken.
Thanks Dave

theres loads of gtos breaking out there you should be able to pick up one somewhere .check all the gto facebook pages for help :wink: