Non turbo MK2 z16a Awd Aws

Hello everyone,

For sale due to seeing a turbo charged model o am after.

Mk2 silver import GTO
101k miles other than wheels and lowering springs completely standard.


Has very very hard to get Weather strips along the top of the windows to stop rain getting in
Driving lamps in the front bumper that are a special option when the car was ordered in Japan
And in a Mk2 car a Moon Roof a rarity, which again was a special order option when car was built…

Really ? So what would you value the car at then ?

Price i cant say as i have not seen it in real life

However it does have some rare bits on it that would deffo add to its value

Wheels are nice on it too

All and all a nice looking car !!

Thanks mate, making me think it’s maybe worth keeping it then.


Nas is worth about 2k unless they are ultra special, believe me I know.
For instance…

And he’s clearly shill bidding, you don’t list it again immediately afterwards.

Well my car won’t be seeking for 2k the thing is mint and I have done alot of work to it ibvtge 2 months I owned it I know that doesn’t add value but it just means I will be keeping it and save up for a turbo and have both just because race car haha


@martymiller Sell the rain guards to me if you chose to keep or sell the car pretty pleasseeee :grin:

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Hahaha no chance they will be going anywhere I am afraid. Going to feelbthe car i think I have bought a nice specced model by complete mistake! If it ever changes your first in my list to contact

Open to serious offers :wink:

@Colin_GTO Hi I take it they are for above the doors ie wind deflectors. Are they flexible as look different shape in pic?

@Colin_GTO I havent even a clue on what they’re worth so wouldnt know what to offer ! Send me a PM if you want

Yes Dave, been left on ‘A’ pillars to protect them. So if someone’s got a red car take about 30 mins to fit. These are some of the hardest parts to find in good condition. These are in better condition than ones on my car.

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PM sent mate.

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