Norfolk Area Meet V1.1 03 APR 11

Same venue as before, seemed to get a good review from those i’ve spoken to, and they are more than happy for us to make it a regular thing. Will be aiming to be there for 1500 this time though. Same as before just add to the list those interested.

  1. Rossi
  2. Boo
  3. Tania
  4. nellys400sc
  5. big gaz ,if he can swing it befor he heads off to italy
    as its mothers day sunday i better notify the pub if there’s going to be a large group. so anyone thinking of coming along please put your name down preferably befor wednesday

dave and me will be coming

Sorry rossi wont be able to make this one either , Hopefully the May one

Craig :slight_smile:

I’ll have to let you know a bit closer to the time mate. Hopefully though, I want to give my GT a bit of a run before the Europe meet.


[quote]Sorry rossi wont be able to make this one either , Hopefully the May one

Craig :)[/quote]

Not a drama Craig if the numbers keep coming this will hopefully become a permenant fixture.

Staff would be great to see you there buddy

ill be there this time sos that i didnt make last one

be great to see you there!

updated on first post

I won’t know if I can make it until shortly before…

Sorry to be so unreliable… Work has to come first!


I might pop along if thats ok? Is this at the place in Thetford?

Dont have a GTO yet, but am weighing up whether or not I should buy one and it would be good to have a chat to owners :slight_smile:

I am out for lunch Sunday (as its mothers day!) so what time are you likely to be there until?