Northwest / Mids Meet 7th March

Thanks to everyone who turned up at the last meet, it was great to see you all again and meet some new people!

It would be great to see you all again and get this meet a “Regular” one throughtout the year! 8)

As last month turn up at “the Sheet Anchor” between 12.30pm and 1pm and move on @1pm following me to any random pub i can think of! there are lots of local pubs within a 10/15 mile radius so will not be too much extra driving so don’t turn up with an empty tank!!

“The Sheet Anchor” its a fairly large pub located 5 mins from J15 of the M6 on the A53 in a small village

Directions Can be found with this link :

As usual everyone is welcome PM me if you want my mobile number incase you will be late or lost etc!



im in for this one and will turn up this time

Craig :slight_smile:

I made it last time so we will have to see :roll:


Hey paul I should be able to make this one now mine is back on the road again.


Craig, did you not turn up last time because i said mine was clean! :lol:
i’ll let you guys know whether i’m coming as i have lots on…wedding stuff :roll:


great stuff guys 8)

one of the pubs we can pay a visit to have said they will give us a 10% discount on there Carvery meal which we had last time! Apart from Julian and Rich wanting bigger plates it was a nice meal!

i think it was £7.50 for the Carvery iirc :roll:

if you would like a meal i would need to let them know in advance to get the 10% off.


this weekend folks!! hopefully the weather will be with us this time!!


Hey paul im not gona be able to make it. Ive not got my car back together in time. Have a good day.


I was going to go to this one and surprise you all, but I got a stinking cold and didn’t get up until 12:15 :smiley: