been insured with norwich union for 14 years come to change vehicle on policy they wont look at it cause its a 91 import

sooooooooooooo after some words best not repeated, i cancel policy get refund

do search via autotrader webiste, budget comes up, bit steep. click on their website do another quote request get one back

fully comp, 31 years old, full no claims, no points etc

441.00. no legal cover, courtesy car etc etc none of that ■■■■
anyway orders policy

what company has budget got me insurance with???

norwich fuckin union

i give up


no way!!! i called norwich union and they said no to imports over 10 years old…

I would double check that they have registered your car as an import!


I had this problem. There is two divisions of Norwich Union…

Norwich Union Direct: Don’t insure imports
Norwich Union: Will insure imports BUT ONLY AVAILIBLE THROUGH A BROKER!


Guess it depends on which muppett answers the phone :lol: :lol: :lol:

But most insurance companys wont issue you a courtesy car if its an import because of the problem with parts, If they are waiting for just one part it could take weeks according to them idiots… :? :? :? :? :?