Not getting email notifications

Since changing my email address I’m not getting any notifications about topic updates or PMs. I’ve checked the email address in my profile and it’s correct. And I’ve checked my junk/spam filter and they haven’t been caught.

It worked fine before. Help please?

Hello, admin?

Hi Allen

Im not sure if Dan is about at the moment , im sure when he sees this he will have some ideas .


Craig :slight_smile:

Funnily enough I’m not receiving any email updates either

Is any one getting email notifications? :frowning:

I needed to get a password from the shop, that also did not work which i guess is connected to the emails


There is an issue with emails at the moment, when the script kiddie got the spam bot going on the server, it got the IP address blacklisted on a lot of anti-spam sites.

I have put in requests to have it removed, but it looks like it is falling on deaf ears.

I will look at this again soon, I have just Internet access in my new place.


Still having issues with Google and Yahoo, they are a pain to get blacklisting removed from.

Guess they get lots of real spammers trying to get removed also.


You must be making progress because I got that update. Thank you.