NOTTINGHAM Area Meet - (31st May)

The May Nottingham meet will be held on the 31st May at the usual place:

[size=24]The Nurseryman[/size]
[size=18]177 Derby Road,
NG9 3AE[/size]

Very easy to find, just off the A52 - You can’t miss it!

We’ll be turning up from 12:30 probably eating about 13:00.

The meet is usually well attended, particularly if the weather is good.
There is plenty of parking, but be a little but careful of the small humps and drains in the carpark if your car is particularly low.

There are lots of speed cameras in Nottingham as well as SPECS cameras on the ring road, so go steady if you are coming from that direction.

See you there! :slight_smile:


As last saturdays in the month go, this one is as close as you can get, Should be OK for this one :smiley:


My car failed the MOT :frowning:

Should be fixed in time for the meet thought. Apparently it just needs the headlights adjusting and the track rod ends replacing. Not cheap though.

Anyone fancy helping me replace my active aero tray at the meet? :smiley:


Well my car is going in on Monday for its accident repairs to be done, so at the moment is looks very likely we may have the first GTO meet with no GTOs, you in your Seat & me in my Astra van :roll:


Got passed the MOT retest, so I’ll definitely be there in my GT :slight_smile:

My man tells me mine will be back before then as well, so I will be in mine, might stink of paint, but I will be in it.


I should be there too now that mine’s back on the road! I think it’ll be the first meet that I’ve been to in 2 years!

I’ll get you that pint I owe you Julian :wink: