Nottingham Meet

Back by popular request is the Nottingham meet,

White Post Inn
Ollerton Road
Farnsfield, Newark, NG22 8HN
01623 882215

All welcome & more the merrier :lol: Come & have lunch with us or just a drink & meet some of the other members.


My girlfriend lives in Nottingham so will see what I can do - also hopefully showing up in my GTO, not her Ka :wink:

Me and Nat will be there as usual :smiley:


I’m hoping that I shall now be spending more time in the country than out of it :slight_smile: So I should be able to make this!

I’m going to try and make this one, depending on funds of course…

But your from daarn Souf :wink: :smiley: You will be more than welcome, come & get some Northern Hospitality :lol:

Cheers Julian.

:lol: :lol: I’ll do just that. See you next Sunday. I’ll bring some jellied eels and cor blimey guvna with me, just go easy on the eki thump and whippets :wink:

Drat, this falls on TOTB weekend so no can do Julian as I’m off to watch the gir… cars. :slight_smile:

Leaving tomorrow morning and staying the night in Eastwood. See you all on Sunday :slight_smile:

Well unfortunately i now have to work so will miss this one :cry: have a good one.


Wasn’t sure if we could make this today, but we will be there now.

Steve & Tracie

See you all there! (I might be a couple of mins late as doing a quick bit of shopping in Notts before hand)

What a cracking day it turned out to be!! Lovely to meet you all and hopefully we’ll head up to that there ‘North’ thingey again. Only got a couple of pics unfortunately…


Great meet, weather was kind to us again, thanks for getting this off the ground Julian, sorry you couldn’t be there.

Nice to put some faces to names, well done to Staff & Ilana for making the effort to travel ‘oooop North’ for this, hope to see you again.

Here’s a few pics.

Steve & Tracie

Some really nice pics there, it was a good meet :slight_smile: