Obd1 to obd2 converter

Bought this a few weeks ago from a guy in Canada who makes them

Then found my car already has obd2 port

So for sale is this obd1 to obd2 converter, also has the ability to add other sensors etc to read through the obd2 port

I paid £150

Would like £100

Hey Paul, were you trying it on a gto or 3000gt? And what year? And was it this guy? https://www.3si.org/threads/convert-obd1-mut-into-canbus-obd2-for-torque-app.809906/

I’m trying to figure out what I need for my 97’ 3000GT which I think is OBD1/MUT. I think the stealth and gto got obd2 but the European market didn’t. If it’s the right one I’ll have it off you. Anyone else able to help me figure it out?

UK and EU 3000GT’s are OBD2 from around 1995 onwards and full OBD2 from late 1996 onwards as yours should be and have should the Black connector under the dash and not on the side of the fuse box.

OBD1 cars had a white connector on the side of the fuse box