Oil cooler lines


any chance on all 3 lines that form the oil cooler path? (2 flexi-s and the hard pipe)

the return pipe certainly needs replacement sooner rather than later, as the “crimp” section has a split in it due to corrosion ingress

do they come with new sealing washers for the banjo connections?

discount for all 3 parts :smiley: do need to talk to you sometime about rear camber arms


Hi Simon,

All 3 lines are in stock along with the seals

Give me a call

Cheers rob


arrived today

HOWEVER, only one set of 4 of dowty seal washers, need of course 8 to do the job, unless you recommend me re-using some :?

also NO FREE GIFT, i was so dissappointed :lol:


I deffo packed 8 in two packets.

i wonder if they managed to escape from the box if it was damaged at all…??? as they are quite slim…

Will send you out some more with your free gift… :wink: :wink: :wink:

Cheers Rob