Old newbie returning

Hi folks , Been a gto owner for about 12 years now just thought id pop in and say hi to everyone new and old .

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Hi and welcome back to the fold

Hi @johhnnie
Welcome back to the forum

Hi and welcome @johhnnie. Whereabouts are you in the country?

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi @johhnnie welcome to GTOUK :+1:


Hi and welcome

Hi , tell us bit about your car for those of us who don’t know it, maybe some pics. Welcome back.

Welcome back to GTOUK !

Hi folks , car was looking a bit dead about a month back as it was lying on a drive unmoved for the last 6 years i wont go into what happened but heres a few pics of when it was good , Im from kincardine in scotland

1449437241029 1449437241176 1449437241098 1449437241314 1449437241779 1449437240914

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Im in the process of a rebuild right now , heres some of the bad pics from it lying for 6 years.

Some repairs carried out .


Hi from Glasgow John some work You’ve done there , few of us up here keep in touch hopefully will see You around in future https://forum.gto.club/t/gto-3000gt-owners-in-scotland-updated/65574/165 !

Fair bit of rot there , good job :+1:

A piece of cake for a welder Craig :smiley:

Welcome back to the fold, good repair work going on well done.

You’re doing a cracking job there, well worth the effort…